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Send money abroad with TransferWise, changing the currency almost for free. TransferWise is a platform for international money transfer, which lets you transfer money avoiding the costs of bank commissions and guarantees fast delivery times.

How fast is Transferwise?

example, TransferWise international payments between the UK and Europe are
delivered within 24 hours – compared to 3-7 days for a regular bank. To avoid
intermediaries and commissions, TransferWise operates as a real peer-to-peer
service between two users who need to transfer money. TransferWise’s fee is
very competitive and visible immediately, with the real exchange rate and
visible before the transfer.

How competitive is Transferwise?

example, a transfer from Euro to British Pound you pay less than 5 euros, with
commissions that rise slightly when we move on slightly more exotic currency

for both business and personal use, Your money is sent directly to your
recipient’s bank account, and you can manage and deposit money in more than 40
different currencies and send money to over 50 countries.

TransferWise mechanism is as simple as it is ingenious: we pay in our local
currency, then is applied the actual change between the currency of departure
and the currency of destination; the money is transferred to TransferWise,
which then transfers it to the recipient’s bank account.

Transferwise is transparent, and I can personally say that I have always received excellent assistance. TransferWise offers several ways to get in touch, including live chat. Otherwise, the site directs to the online Assistance Center.




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