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Born in Germany in 2009, Ecosia is a search engine that certainly has not the same popularity of Google, but there is a peculiarity that makes it unique: Ecosia has so far planted over 65 million trees worldwide.

With a simple click, it is possible to help the environment, simply by downloading the Ecosia extension, available for all browsers.

Recently, especially in the face of fear and concern over the fires in the Amazon and Siberia, Ecosia has seen a surge in popularity – between app downloads and browser extensions. Ecosia is the service that allows anyone to contribute to reforestation, even to those who do not have economic possibilities: this happens because its revenues, just like the other competitors, derive from advertising. Every time someone clicks on one of the advertisements displayed near the results, Ecosia collects a few cents. The difference is that the company invests 80 percent of its profits in planting trees in different areas of the world. According to the company’s calculations, 45 searches are enough to plant just one tree – a number easily reached in a single day, or even in a few hours.

Currently, the Ecosia community is composed of around 8 million people, most of them European (mainly Germans, French and British). But they are growing rapidly all over the world.

65.000.000!!! the company has already planted 65 million trees -as shown by a continuously updated counter on the site’s homepage – in Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain and in many other pulsating hearts of biodiversity.

Ecosia regularly publishes news and updates related to funded projects. Moreover, to follow the project, Ecosia has a local partner in each of these places, and a Chief tree-planting officer who regularly visits the sites and uses satellite imagery to monitor the areas involved.

Also for privacy, the company has decided to adopt the most rigorous standards: Ecosia operates in respect of privacy, makes all searches anonymous within a week, does not use user data in any way, and mostly does not sell data to advertising companies.

Is it enough to solve the problem of climate change?

Certainly, it is not enough but, in a world, increasingly damaged by the effects of pollution, every little thing helps.

Start using Ecosia right away and join the community for reforestation on the planet and against climate change.


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