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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. Localized in southwestern Slovakia, the Danube river flows in the middle of the city, creating an incredible and magical atmosphere (it is amazing walking close to the river during the sunset!).  The history of the city has been influenced by many nations and religions (Austrians, Germans, Croats, etc.), it has several universities, museums, galleries and other cultural and educational institutions. Bratislava may be one of Europe’s smallest capitals, it can offer a lot of incredible points of interest! If you do not have time, or do you want to have a time-break for your life, or you want to have a great start this guide is right for you! Let’s start:

What to do to Bratislava in 6 hours

It is 6 p.m. and you are already landed in Bratislava. It is late, it is getting dark and you do not what to do and where to go. Do not worry, we are here for you!!

First stage:

Go right to Stare Mesto Plaza, Beach Stare Mesto. This local/place is situated in front of Danubio and it is famous because is a little piece of beach in Bratislava. Imagine having a drink, barefoot on the sand in front of Danubio. I cannot think of anything more beautiful!

Second stage:

It is almost dinner time and after an aperitive you are starting to get hungry. The second place where I advise to go is to Sladovna: House of beer. This place is wonderful. Totally absorbed in an old house, where to eat inside or outside (where I advise to eat), sit on a big bench under a starry sky. The menu is various, and you can decide if to eat local food or not. For my experience the best plate that you can choose is the Bryndzove halusky, or rather the Traditional Slovak potato gnocchi (a portion of gnocchi, drowned in sheep’s cheese with a sprinkling of bacon nuts) for only 3.90 €. Another plate should to take the Srnci gulas, or Roe deer goulash (venison stew in sauce), also this one is pretty good and cheap (3.90 €). I have been here four times in seven days, is one of my favourite places in Bratislava. Above the quality of the food the second reason is that this restaurant is very cheap.

Third stage:


 Here we are. Our belly is full, we are happy, and it is early yet. Perfect! We have two possibilities: the first one is to go to the Wild Thing, a close local to Sladovna: House of beer. Wild Thing is a karaoke bar, it is fun, and you can sing or drink or do whatever you want. I advise this place because I had a great time there. The second one is to go to the Barrock. Situated in the centre of Bratislava is the right place for people with rock style. You can listen to good music, play with foosball or beat your friends with the punching machine, I tried and almost broke my wrist, but it was fun!

Time to go to sleep or come back to the airport or 

do whatever you want because the night it is just at the beginning and we are young, happy and free.

If you are interested in reading more about my experiences around the world, be sure to check out my other blog posts.

When we travel, we open up to the world, we can change perspective and appreciate more the small details of our life.



see you soon,


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