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Let’s face it: in 2019, luckily, mobile apps are here to help us, in everyday life but also travel. 

Here are listed the most useful travel apps to make your life easier, especially when you’re exploring new destinations. These are essential and indispensable apps to download before your next trip, and are free! In the name of low-cost travel.  

  • SKYSCANNER App simple, fast, and free. It is currently one of the best flight search apps. An effective comparator that allows you to find the most advantageous flights, even when you don’t know the destination, can advise you on the cheapest destinations! And if your travel dates are flexible, Skyscanner shows you the cheapest days to fly in the month.

  • GOOGLE MAPS It’s an app perhaps obvious, but undoubtedly necessary (I would be lost without it!!!). Google maps allow you to identify places to visit in advance, calculate routes to reach them on foot or with other transports, and you can download maps even offline.

  • ROME2RIO Enter any address, landmark or city as your destination and Rome2Rio instantly display all your travel options: whether you’re after flight, train, bus, ferry, rideshare or rental car info, Rome2Rio has got estimated prices, journey durations and booking details.

  • AROUND ME Identifies where you are, and lists the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theatre, restaurant, supermarket, theatre, and taxi.

  • GOOGLE TRANSLATE Is free, without in-app purchases or ads. And probably the best translation app on mobile. It can translate typing but also taking pictures with your camera (menus, street signs…). The app supports voice input, can even translate a complete conversation in real-time, if necessary.

  • XE CURRENCY CONVERTER The Free XE Currency App for Android devices lets you keep track of live mid-market rates for every world currency. Enter an amount, and the equivalent in all other currencies will show on one screen.

  • GOOGLE GOGGLES Have you ever wondered “what am I looking at?” in the absence of a tour guide? Google Googles solves the problem! thanks to google image recognition, only by photographing will you have all the information in front of your eyes.

  • WIFI FINDER to find WI-FI networks available wherever you are.

  • SNAPSEED is the best mobile photo editing software, to make more vibrant your pictures.

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